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How To Keep Your Beer

Flagons containing cask ale are best stored at cellar temperature, between 11 and 13 degrees

However many of us don't have this facility at home so the best place to keep your beer fresh is the fridge

Keeping cask ale at such temperatures will probably cause beer haze, (a slight haziness to your beer) and may (only slightly) impair the flavour

You will also experience the flagon expand, this is due to natural gasses produced from the live beer, therefore take extra care when opening your flagon, to release any pressure build up. This especially applies to keg ales as they have been carbonated with CO2

Your beers will be good for 3-4 days as they were poured and delivered to you from a freshly opened cask

Ciders will be good for a lot longer

Enjoy your beers 🍺 & Ciders 🍎 and when your flagon is empty please rinse and return when you collect your next beer or leave out on your doorstep for your next delivery

Cheers 🍻